Atlas Gun Works

Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer the most innovative and high-quality competition pistols available for competitive shooters. Every Atlas Gunworks handgun is hand-built to order and delivered within months of ordering. Pistols are available to suit all of your USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, and 3Gun needs. We are proud to offer simply the best handgun you will ever own with our 1911-style pistols, available in both single and double stack.


Eggleston Munitions

Eggleston's Polycoated bullets are coated with the highest performing polymer on the market today. They're designed to prevent leading, eliminate smoke, keep your bore clean, and deliver exceptional match grade accuracy.

Our coated bullets are available in multiple colors, are custom sized for your specific firearm, and are more affordable than either plated or jacketed bullets.


Long's Shadow Holster, Inc.

Veteran Owned and Patriot Operated since 2013 and a proud supporter of those who serve this great nation.


Lucas Oil Outdoor Line

Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas Oil Outdoor Line products are premium, heavy duty and formulated with a unique additive system designed to provide maximum lubrication under the most severe operating conditions.