The Big Panda offers a wide range of training solutions for students wanting to maximize their practical shooting performance. Training events are offered on an “as needed” basis so we don’t have a hard set schedule of reoccurring classes. Customized one-on-one training, group classes or anything in between can be deployed. Provide us some details on your training needs and we will do our best to formulate an effective training plan.

I take pride in being able to provide effective training for shooters who wish to improve their skills and produce a maximum performance on demand. My group training classes provide focused one on one interaction with each student to identify their primary weaknesses then deploy solutions. More importantly I provide the reason why a skill is failing so the student can understand why it must be changed to improve performance. Many instructors can show you how something should be performed, but usually fall short in defining the reason why a particular skill must be performed a certain way. My competition shooting experience and training skills allow me to explain the reason why something should be performed in a particular way. Every student learns a process in their own unique way as well, I am able to observe each student’s preferred learning method then modify my training process to accommodate them. This learning observation and training content delivery adjustment is a primary skill that separates my training from most instructors. I enjoy training and look forward to work with fellow shooters to help them maximize their performance. Let’s work together to bring your practical shooting performance to the next level!!!