My Sponsors

Shown below are the gracious sponsors that have partnered with me to support my efforts while participating in the practical shooting sports. I only partner with companies who produce the best products that I know will help maximize my performance. Buy their products with confidence knowing that you are getting the best available products on the market. If you are in the market for any of these sponsors products drop me a note and I can usually provide a discount code. Please help me support these sponsors with your product purchases.

Atlas Gun Works

Atlas Gunworks is proud to offer the most innovative and high-quality competition pistols available for competitive shooters. Every Atlas Gunworks handgun is hand-built to order and delivered within months of ordering. Pistols are available to suit all of your USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, and 3Gun needs. We are proud to offer simply the best handgun you will ever own with our 1911-style pistols, available in both single and double stack.


Elite Speed Sports Performance

We help all athletes reach their goals.

Our main offerings are private (1-on-1) and semi-private (2-5 people) training. This allows us to give personalized instruction and address specific biomechanical and sport-specific needs. We also offer team training and open-facility / baseball-facility rentals. All private and semi-private training clients gain full access to weights, machines, and tunnels.


Long's Shadow Holster, Inc.

Veteran Owned and Patriot Operated since 2013 and a proud supporter of those who serve this great nation.

Gallant Bullets

Gallant Bullets exist to add value and give back to the shooting and veteran communities. Our bullet manufacturing provides job opportunities for transitioning veterans. While our match-grade polymer coated cast bullets provide quality for the reloading and shooting community.

Recommended Products

Listed below are businesses and products that I would highly recommend to anyone based on proven experience in using their products. I have purchased products or services from all of these businesses and use their products on a regular basis. I do not have any direct affiliation or sponsorship with any of these companies. What I can tell you is that I have spent my hard earned money on many different products over the years and the below list of businesses and products are what I would consider essential in enabling me to maximize my practical shooting performance. The vast majority of these businesses also support the practical shooting sports extensively. It only makes sense to support the companies that in turn support the shooting sports.


Advocare - Rehydrate

American Target Company - Cardboard USPSA targets

Competition Electronics - Shot Timers & Chronos

CRC Industries - QD Contact Cleaner

Dawson Precision - Iron Sights

Decot Sport Glasses - High Quality Shooting Glasses

Dillon Precision - Reloading Presses

Electronic Shooters Protection - Electronic in ear Hearing Protection

EGW - High Quality Trigger Components

Hornady - One Shot Case Lube

Holosun - Red Dot Sights

Liquid Wrench - Dry Lube Spray


MBX Extreme - 2011 magazines

Practiscore - Practical Shooting Scoring & Match Administration

ProGrip - Pro Grip Enhancer Lotion

Rack Buddy - Dry Fire Tools

Rocky Mountain Targets - Steel USPSA Targets

Rollsizer - Brass Roll Sizing

Salomon - Speedcross 4 Shoes

Shockbottle - Hundo Case Gauge

Speed Shooters International - Competition Parts & Gear

Techwear USA - Shooting Jerseys

USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Association

Wolff Gun Springs - High Quality Gun Springs

5.11 Tactical - Traverse 2.0 Pants